We can’t thank Jenn enough! I’m still in shock and awe that we actually had a successful VBAC. Knowing we had Jenn to support us gave us the courage to really go for it and I’m just so grateful to have finally had the birth I wanted – it’s so incredibly healing. – Gena K.

From our first meeting with Jennifer, I knew she was going to be the perfect doula and mentor to help me with my first birth experience. She is kind, patient, supportive, and easy to talk to. I could not have been more grateful to her during my birth and postpartum journey. – Johanna B.

We had a wonderful experience working with Jennifer. Our sessions during pregnancy were beneficial and informative, and the additional resources and recommendations she gave were of a huge help too. We felt so well prepared for birth thanks to her! Where Jennifer really rose to the occasion was during what turned out to be a long and difficult labor. My partner and I both greatly valued her presence, advice, and encouragement throughout; it was undoubtedly a better experience because she was there with us.  Also, I highly recommend getting your birth story. The detail and tone perfectly captured the experience and I am so glad we will have that crystal clear recollection long after it starts to fade in our memories. – Hannah B.

I can’t say enough positive things about Jennifer! She was such an amazing asset to my birth team, and I will be forever grateful for all her help during the birth of my son this past June.

I was receiving prenatal care at a birth center, since I was planning to have a natural/unmedicated birth, and the midwives there highly recommended getting a doula for first-time mothers. My husband and I weren’t sure that we needed a doula but decided to start interviewing in my 7th month of pregnancy. Jennifer was the first and only doula we interviewed because when we met with her (on Zoom!) we loved her vibe and personality so much that we hired her on the spot! Jennifer is incredibly knowledgeable and our prenatal visits with her really put my husband and I at ease knowing that she would be there as a calming force in the room with us since we had no idea what to expect.  

When I went into labor in the middle of the night, Jennifer was very responsive and as soon as I felt I needed her, she was on her way. In the birthing room, she was so attentive and knew exactly what to do to comfort me, without me even having to ask. It was like having a dedicated caretaker the entire time and I feel she went above and beyond, helping me to the bathroom, using massage and essential oils, giving me food and water, etc. She also captured some wonderful photos/videos during the birth. After I gave birth, Jennifer continued to assist us, providing advice for breastfeeding, and she was kind enough to go get us food.

I highly recommend Jennifer’s doula services and I plan to have her as my doula again if/when I have another baby. – Amy D.

I found Jennifer through a Hypnobirthing class I signed up for in San Diego. She came highly recommended by the founder, Care Messer, so I reached out to her at about 22 weeks in to my pregnancy. We set up a zoom call for our first initial meeting and I knew right after that call that this very special woman would be a part of my birth story. Jennifer was very thorough about her services offered and took the time to really understand my desires and hopes that I had in preparation for my baby boy. She was extremely knowledgeable, addressed many of my questions and concerns, and even offered additional information (helpful tips to prepare for labor, exercises, nutritional recommendations, etc.).  Jennifer also shared her knowledge of understanding the common practices of each hospital here in San Diego, which I found to be very helpful. She made an effort to check up on me outside of our in-person visits and was always immediately responsive with our communication.

When it was go time, Jen was 100% attentive to all of my needs and worked beautifully with my partner to ensure that he was involved in my support as well. I am so grateful for her presence and participation during my labor. I couldn’t have been as strong as I was without her. I feel blessed to have met her and can’t wait to tell my son one day how special it was to have her beautiful energy around us during the most important moment of our lives.
I would highly recommend her to ANY expecting mama! – Korina S.

I decided to homebirth with my first daughter born August 2nd 2020. As I began doing all the preparations, picking my doula was last but certainly not least on the list. I interviewed quite a few and once I spoke with Jenn I immediately knew she was the one for us. She came highly recommended by multiple moms in the prenatal yoga classes I attended. Skeptical on whether or not I should hire a doula I did it anyway because she just gave me such a good feeling. Her care before birth was impeccable and as the due date approached her check ins and texts made me feel so supported and seen as a first-time mom. Honestly, I could not have homebirthed without Jenn. Jenn NEVER left my side. I had a super awesome husband and care team, yes, BUT Jenn blew everyone out of the water when it came to every part of the experience. I labored through the night and my team took multiple naps and breaks throughout. Jenn NEVER left my side. NEVER. She was there for EVERY second of my 15 hour, active unmedicated birth at home. It was intense for me to say the least. As a first-time mom I had no idea what to expect, but with Jenn’s constant support I was able to make it through. I could not have imagined being alone for any of it and luckily I didn’t have to be. I am beyond grateful for what she provided my husband and I during our labor experience:  unconditional love. She was everything. If you are considering, please please hire Jenn. Take it from a first-time home birthing mom. You will be so grateful after your birth for having Jenn there by your side.

P.S. I need to share with any parents-to-be that my most prized possession is the detailed birth experience that Jenn wrote for me. I just recently revisited it and was blown away by how much it captured and painted a vivid picture of my daughter’s birth. I’ve printed out a copy and put it in a special box that I’m setting aside for her. It will so special to be able to share the day she was born with her one day and for her to be able to know so much about it. I wish I had one for the day I was born! – Ashley H.

My husband and I are so grateful for Jenn’s support. Having her there for labor and delivery was the best decision we made. Honestly I can’t imagine her not being there. She brought such a sense of calm confidence that I really needed to feel. And I really loved getting to know her along the way.  – Anna W.

We are so grateful for Jennifer. She’s a huge part as to why our birthing went smoothly.  It was important for us to find a doula that could support us with our hypnobirthing plans. Fortunately for us, Jennifer is also a Hypnodoula. My birthing waves/contractions started at 2:30 in the morning. As we are first time parents, we felt nervous and anxious especially, as the frequency of my contractions was getting closer. When we called Jennifer, she answered and came to our house right away. We felt so much better with her presence during my active labor. I didn’t progress as fast as I initially thought I would, so we stayed at home a bit longer and she let my husband take a nap (lol) while she watched over me as I labored, and gave me back massages. It was really nice because we were already exhausted and one of us needed to rest for the baby’s arrival.  That was just one of the things that Jenn did for us to make sure we were taken care of. We highly recommend her and consider her to be a part of our baby’s life. – Margarette B.

I am so thankful to have found Jen to be my Doula! This was my 3rd baby, and a Doula plays an important role no matter how many times you’ve given birth. Jen was caring, supportive, comforting and extremely responsive. I knew I could count on her throughout the pregnancy. She proactively offered up ideas/suggestions and information, and her deep and wide knowledge of pregnancy and birth was reassuring and helpful. My birth story took some twists and turns (as they all do!), and as my needs changed she supported my decisions. I’d definitely recommend her to any friends looking for the support of a Doula, and if I planned on more kiddos I’d want her by my side again. Thank you Jen! – Jill S.

Jenn will forever hold a special place in my heart and that of my family’s, especially my little boy.  She was extremely comforting, caring, the list goes on and on to say the least.  She used tools and techniques such as rubbing my back, playing with my hair, ensuring I always had water, essential oils and assisted me throughout the entire day.  I was able to have my beautiful birth and I can’t thank her enough for making it possible. – Miranda F.

I don’t quite have words for how much it meant to have Jennifer with us through the end of my pregnancy and labor. She spent time getting to know us and sharing so much helpful information to give us peace in feeling prepared. She was accessible and we always knew her heart was deeply invested in her work with our family. While my delivery didn’t turn out to be what we planned for, having Jennifer with us through every step meant so much. She helped us make decisions to get our baby here safely and supported us wholeheartedly through all 30+ hours. She made sure my husband got food and took breaks so he could be empowered to be an amazing partner. The tools she used to help me manage pain and stay mentally engaged while laboring were incredible. She was with us through the most intense time in our lives and we will always be so deeply grateful for her presence and care. She checked in on us regularly after our son was home with us and we knew she genuinely cares for our family. We can not recommend having Jennifer support you in your pregnancy and labor/delivery more, you will be truly blessed. – Abbey C.

After consulting with various doulas, I loved the genuine feeling I got from Jennifer and the love for her work as a doula. At the time, my husband and I were taking Hypnobabies classes and Jennifer became certified as a Hypnodoula during that time to gain more understanding and assist us as best as possible. During our meet ups I definitely felt supported and all the motherly support that came with her personality. She also helped my husband understand how he could best support me which really helped us connect better. The birth of our daughter took a different and unexpected turn. After my water broke, I called Jennifer that the time was getting close. I did my best to relax on my own when surges came through. When she arrived, I truly felt a different level of peace. At one point I could say the surges felt blissful. Unfortunately, we ended up in the hospital for other reasons. Even after the birth, Jennifer checked up on us to make sure we were doing good. I know she is just the right person for this job. I was going through emotional swings after birth and she is equipped with so many amazing resources that she shared with us. I would love for any mammas out there to get in touch with this lovely lady and experience the best birthing experience possible no mater what. I am forever grateful. – Celeste S.

Having already experienced a first-time traumatic birth, I was going into my second pregnancy terrified of reliving the same trauma once again. I wanted the second time to be different. I knew that I wanted an all-natural birth but I was so unsure of the outcome-I was scared that I would give up and I’d end up unhappy again like the first time. Jennifer was just what I needed to make my birth experience what I wanted it to be. I look back and am in awe of myself. But I honestly couldn’t have done it without Jennifer-she provided me with so many resources throughout my pregnancy, kept in touch, and always gave me the encouragement I needed to hear. During my birth as I struggled to find strength, she was there cheering me on giving me all the positive words and guidance I needed to hear. Not only did she guide me through birth but she also managed to take photos (that I would have forgotten about otherwise) that I will hold on to forever. Giving birth in a natural setting for me was very hard- I cried, almost wanted to give up, but I made it through and wouldn’t change a thing, thanks to Jennifer. I will forever be grateful for Jennifer’s presence in my life, because of her I see myself in a new light, I have learned to love myself more, I can see the power that I hold and what it means to have such strength. Jennifer is truly amazing, I’m so happy that she was my doula I’d choose her every time without a doubt. – Sandra M.

We feel so blessed to have found Jenn! My wife and I weren’t totally sure about what we wanted or needed from a doula, but Jenn provided us with exactly the support we didn’t even quite know how to ask for during our 14 hours of labor. She brought a positive energy, a joyful attitude, constant reassurance, and a personal touch that meshed with the atmosphere we wanted to cultivate. Jenn’s experience in the delivery room was invaluable to us as she provided her insight each step of the way whenever something new would happen. Her knowledge of the many possible laboring positions helped to always keep my wife as comfortable as possible, even with an epidural. Her ability to go with the flow and provide the care and compassion for me when things diverged from our initial plan gave me a confidence that we were going to get through it all together. – Phil G.

Jenn was incredible! She was with us for 37 hours of labor! She was a constant source of positivity, encouragement, knowledge of pain relief techniques and an extra set of helpful hands, which gave husband/coach a much-needed break. I am so grateful for the ways Jenn advocated for me throughout the whole process. She really, REALLY cares so well (for everyone, not just me). I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to not just meet her, but go through this crazy experience together. She’s an angel!! – Kelsey B.

We had the honor and pleasure of having Jenn as our doula for our second birth. After a traumatic experience with the birth of our first child we realized we needed a birthing partner in a hospital setting. I chose Jenn because of her Hypnobirthing education along with the fact that if I needed her at anytime she would be there. She also had a gentle and kind approach that I felt would be great in the delivery room (and I was right!). She was always accommodating and willing to go out of her way to adjust to our schedules. She made us feel comfortable and relaxed. She has awesome tools and techniques to help with laboring. She has a knowledge set that you can tap into to seek wisdom before and during labor. With my hypnobirthing education and training and her as a doula I felt much more prepared for my labor and birth of our baby girl. I had a very long labor with my second birth and Jenn was there for every moment of it! She was a HUGE support for my husband as he was able to take breaks and stay nourished during that full day. She helped me bounce ideas off of that were presented in labor and then I felt more comfortable to make the decision that was best for baby and me. In hypnobirthing they use a lot of touch to help counter labor “pain” and hers was by far the best, better than my husband’s! She reminded me to tap into my guided meditations/visualizations which is exactly what I needed. She also was able to capture our special moment when baby came into this world. We are forever grateful to Jenn for her patience, kindness, and support during our pregnancy and labor/delivery! – Julianne K.

There are no words to express how much we appreciate all that you’ve done for us.  Your presence was an absolute God send during the most important evolution of our lives.  Our daughter has brought so much joy to our home that it’s nearly impossible for me to put into words just how special this time is for us.  Having your support during Alexa’s labor meant the world to us and there’s no way that I could have performed at a sustained level of attentiveness had you not been there to support my efforts.  We really really appreciate you.  – Ty S.

OMG where do I start – Jennifer is amazing.  When the nurses came in and saw how I was in pain and feeling discomfort they asked me if I was interested in a doula. At first I didn’t know how to feel about someone I didn’t know being there,  but it was the best thing ever! She became a part of my family – my family and my boyfriend really loved her. She was there every step of the way. I was in labor for a really long time and she helped me so much and helped me relax as much as possible.  She is completely amazing at what she does I highly recommend to anyone. I was hoping to deliver my daughter vaginally, but after 24 hours of no change in my dilation the doctor came in and spoke to me about having a c-section and yes, it was hard to deal with because I definitely wasn’t expecting that but I agreed to it for my daughter’s safety and Jennifer was there comforting me while they prepared me for the c-section.  She was in the OR with me and stayed from start to finish and was able to meet my daughter! When I have my second baby I will definitely be calling her. – Sasha W.

First off, Jen is obviously well trained. She is much smaller than me, but was able to relieve more of my labor discomfort than even my strong husband was. She has just the right touch and took a lot of pressure off my husband. Even more importantly though, she has a heart of gold. I had a couple of unexpected turns in my birth that devastated me at the time: the news that I needed a c section because labor was getting too hard for my baby,  and then when my baby stopped breathing and was rushed to the nicu just moments after being delivered.  I wouldn’t have gotten through without Jen. Not only was she there for each turn of my labor and c section to comfort and calm me…but she stayed with me well after my baby came. While my husband went with our baby she was silent with me, cried with me, held me in the absolute lowest moment of my life. She knew just what to do, what to say… what to NOT say. She was insulation for me from the rest of the world when I needed it the most. It was so evident to me that she cared so much for me and my family.   It isn’t just a job for her. I will never forget how she made me feel.  – Danielle G.

Wow! I can’t say enough wonderful things about Jennifer! She was truly a God send after an unexpected induction. I can’t thank her enough or talk highly enough about how much she helped me through labor and delivery. Her presence and communication was incredibly comforting and her techniques with pressure points, massage and aromatherapy were so incredibly helpful for pain relief and effectiveness in pushing. I highly recommend her and would want her by my side for my next birth! – Merci R.

I would not have had the birth I had without doula Jen and am forever indebted to her dedication and care in the birthing process. She stuck by my side, supporting both myself and my husband during a 26hr medication-free birth in the hospital, unwaveringly guiding us through each step of labor and beyond. She was a hand to hold as well as coming equipped with tools such as massage, essential oils, rebozo and relaxation techniques that she taught me to use at the perfect time. After the birth, my husband had to go to the NICU with our newborn and Jen stayed with me until I was ready to go to the recovery room. Truly a rockstar and we are so thankful to have had her with us on the journey of our daughter’s birth. – Roisin P.

Amazing, invaluable, kind, caring, patient, knowledgeable, experienced, supportive… These are just a few words to describe Jennifer Cole’s Doula Services. As a dad-to-be, I watched videos on hypnobirthing, attended child birthing classes, and read books on how to guide my wife through labor when the big day comes. Well, the big day came (3 weeks early), and all of that valuable information became scrambled and fragmented. My wife was in the hospital for 15-hours before the baby arrived. I was running out of ideas on how to comfort her. Luckily, Jennifer came to the rescue. She arrived at 9am and was with us every step of the way up until our evening delivery. She was constantly massaging the right pressure points to ease pain, assisting with more comfortable positioning options, and was extremely helpful during the pushing process (among millions of other things she did)! She even emailed us a birthing timeline a few days after. Pretty cool when you don’t remember much because everything became a blur. From a SO’s point of view a doula is worth everything! Especially if you’re having your first child and don’t quite know what to expect. And trust me when I say it, Jennifer’s one of the best. Thank you Jennifer! – Sidney V.

Jennifer Cole was the volunteer doula available on the day of our son Maximus’ birth.  She arrived just as I was transitioning from active labor to intense pushing.  My husband and I had been working together through each contraction up until that point, and were very glad and relieved to have Jenn arrive when she did.  Since I opted for an unmedicated birth her presence made a huge difference in my birthing experience.  She suggested many things that I found valuable in the throes of labor.  Hydrotherapy was one suggestion in particular that I believe helped me reach complete dilation faster.  She offered so many words of encouragement, giving me the confidence to know I could go the distance.  She also communicated well with my husband and supported him as he was supporting me.  After we finally birthed my son, she shared in the celebration and accomplishment with words of affirmation and joy.  She was a guiding voice that day and I’m grateful she was a part of our birth story. Cris A.

Jennifer is such a beautiful soul and I was so lucky to have her as my doula. Not only was she informative but she encouraged me all the way up to delivery. She put me at ease when my birth plan didn’t go as planned and she has been super helpful. I just love the person she is and I wouldn’t change anything about my pregnancy and birth experience. A special thank you to her. – Latisha N.

It’s not possible to praise or thank Jennifer enough for how supportive and invaluable she was to my birth experience! I don’t know how I could have done it without her and I feel so lucky that she was there for me working hard to ease my physical discomfort and mind. I’m grateful for the physical an emotional support she provided over such a long stretch of time, and she was so helpful to my husband as well, allowing him to take breaks while she stayed at my side. Even the nurses were impressed with how amazing and helpful Jennifer was! There was a point in which my labor wasn’t progressing much, and the doctor thought it may be that the baby was positioned sunny side up and was having trouble, so Jennifer was able to help get me into some different positions to try to get the baby in the optimal position for delivery—and it worked! Soon after her help, I was fully dilated and effaced and finally ready to push. Jennifer has the kindness, calming presence, and expertise that was so necessary for me during my labor and delivery to make a scary unknown so much more bearable. She also provided great resources postpartum to ensure that I ease into the journey of being a new mom. I can’t recommend Jennifer enough! – Natalie L.

I met Jennifer a couple of years ago through improv. I didn’t know she was a doula until I did research on San Diego doulas and came across Destiny Doula Services page on Facebook. I remember thinking how lucky I was to have found a doula whom I already knew, but also liked her vibe. I gave her a call and we set up a time for her to meet with me and my husband.

At our first meeting, I was impressed with Jennifer’s experience and knowledge of what to expect pre and postpartum. She went over her services and we comprised a game plan for leading up to, during, and after delivery. I cannot stress enough how important it was to us that Jennifer had a warm and calm energy about her.  This is what I wanted during pregnancy and delivery. My husband and I had lost our daughter at 18 weeks in a previous pregnancy, so we wanted to make sure that we kept our stress levels low and kept a calm and positive energy throughout my second pregnancy.

I was 35 weeks pregnant when news of the Corona Virus had spread into the US. It was during the first few weeks when news of NYC hospitals weren’t letting anyone except the mother into the hospital, so I was concerned.  I asked my obgyn about having a doula in the room, but was denied. Jennifer and I immediately set up a new game plan and decided that we would be in touch through facetime once I was admitted into triage.

I was in early labor for over 24 hours before I was admitted into triage. When we pulled up to the Mary Birch hospital, my husband and I were stunned to find out that he was no longer allowed to enter with me. They had literally just changed the policy that day. He was understandably very upset, but I told him it would be ok. I was relieved when they told us he would be allowed once I was in the delivery room. Jennifer and I had discussed that situation like this could happen, so I felt prepared to be physically alone.

I can honestly say, I do not know if I would have had such a positive experience if Jennifer wasn’t part of the process. It’s a bit scary to be alone when feeling the pain of contractions and not knowing what to expect next. Having Jennifer in my ear (I couldn’t hold up the phone to facetime during contractions) coaching me and guiding me through breathing was so helpful and comforting. I didn’t feel alone at all. Even in moments of silence, I felt so much comfort knowing she was still listening and there for me. Since my husband wasn’t allowed inside, she was also super helpful in keeping him in the loop and letting him know the moment I was being sent to delivery.

Once I was in the delivery room, my husband joined me and was able to set up my phone holder so that Jennifer could see us in the delivery room. The nurses and midwife were very open to Jennifer “being there” and they all worked well together. Again, Jennifer did an amazing job at knowing when to step in and knowing when to let the nurses do their thing. She was also very helpful in reminding my husband to give me water or prop my head up with a pillow. The 3 of us even meditated before I started pushing which is a memory I will always appreciate.

Our son, Nolan Jon, was born 4/9/20 at 6:54 pm after 36 hours of labor and almost 4 hours of pushing. Jennifer was able to take photos of the birth and recorded the entire experience with notes and timestamps. That was an added bonus to the service we chose. I highly recommend choosing this option as it is wonderful to go back and read everything that happened and show to our son one day.

From start to finish, I had a fantastic experience giving birth to Nolan.  We will always be grateful for Jennifer’s service and love that she had such a positive impact on our special day.  – Ana C.